Wednesday, April 23, 2008

kind of anxious

the flyer for my partylites show looks something like this:


my car died in the valley sunday.
so i had aaa and give me a tow back home.
i found a guy on craigslist to fix my car for me.
he only charged me 50 bucks to fix it and i had to buy the alternator.
so it was half the price i would have paid at a shop.
it seems to be running a lot better now than what it did before it died.

since the unexpected car problems came about,
im kind of out of money.
so no more furniture purchases for awhile.
but oh well... guess i will have to settle for some floor cushions for company or maybe i'll find someone who has some ultra cheap chairs on craigslist.

i need to go in for placement testing friday morning.
if i don't do it soon,
i may not get it done at all.
kind of anxious about it because i have not done any studying at all. :\
i will need to also talk to financial aid while i am there and find out if they received any info on my student loan yet.
i got my copy of it in the mail a little while ago....
but it dunno if it has been approved or whatever.

my parents finally moved i guess.
my sister is still living in the old house though.
my parents moved to glenpool.
it's just outside of tulsa.
i wanted to get their new address to send a mother's day card.
i actually wanted to her get a card from me... unlike she did for me on my bday.
hopefully my sister can get that info for me soon.

i spent 4 miles walking around downtown this morning.
it wasn't so bad until it started raining heavily. lol
but i got to see a lot of things that i wouldn't normally see while driving.
but i should have not taken my dog with me.
i felt so bad when it started raining.
i'm lucky she didn't get sick.

anyways, i am trying to make more friends in spokane.
but i guess some people are just too busy to meet up or have no interest in making more friends.
which is kind of a shame.
so i put an ad on craigslist the other day. lol
that's how i met steph...
and i told myself i wouldn't put one up of my own,
but i did. :)
maybe something will pan out.
i'm hoping to meet some people in my apartment building even more though.
it would be nice to have some friends that live in the same building as me.

i think tomorrow i will walk down to the local coffee shop and be social for a minute. lol
maybe i could pass out some partylite flyers also.

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