Wednesday, April 30, 2008

i miss the sounds the crackheads make

so, in an effort to not go completely broke,
i sold my directv stock.
i didn't have much invested in the company anyways...
but it will help me get by a little bit longer while my job search continues.

i have "orientation" for RGIS tomorrow in the valley at 1:30.
i guess orientation is a new word for interview?
i always thought interview came before orientation...
we'll see what's up with that.
if i decide to work for them, hopefully they can work around my already full schedule.

i finally got my partylite starter show submitted...
so that's a little bit of a sigh of relief.
the ordering system really hated steph's order...
so it took a little figuring out... and it still wasn't completely right.
but it's as close as it's gonna get.

i'm supposed to go out tonight for cristie's bday party.
don't have jackshit for money to spend so i will join the 'chug it in the bathroom' crowd tonight.

the seagulls here really bother me sometimes.
a lot of times, they sound like crying children to me.
and i don't know of anyone that likes that sound.

sometimes i miss the sounds the crackheads make though.

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