Thursday, April 3, 2008

more space and more quiet

i hate this damn studio.
since the little window faces the outside walkway leading into the building,
you don't actually see sun/moonlight.
so unless you have a clock, you have no fucking idea what time it is.
this is why i continue to wake up at 10 or 11 am after going to sleep at 8pm.
i need some fucking sunlight shining in my window!!!!!!
no wonder i feel more tired than usual.

this air mattress is killing me.
so i went out and bought a feather bed and 2 feather pillows that were on sale together.
i did sleep better last night... but who knows how long that will last.

the apartment manager got ahold of me today about some more units that were going to be available.
she has me signed up for a 1 bedroom on the 5th floor.
more space and more quiet!
the unit is supposed to be available in the middle of this month.
so maybe i'll only have 10 more days in this tiny shit hole studio??

spokane's elevation is 1654 feet higher than tulsa's.
my ears are still occasionally popping... unless i am imagining things.

here's a video i found on youtube for my new city:

i should have spent more time on sfcc website.
then i would have known i have to apply online for admission first.
so i applied this morning and they sent me an email back a few hours later with my student id number.
then i had to call and make my application fee payment.
so now i just have to wait for the info in the mail on placement testing and registration.
damn, i could have done all of this shit a long time ago.
oh well.

no, i have not started looking for a new job yet.
i have only been job-free for a little over a week!
i need my time to relax and weigh my options.
brandy and i are having a kickass time sleeping all of the time right now.

does anyone know of a cheap and effective way to turn a regular bicycle into a stationary one?
i'd like to cycle inside as well as outside,
so i don't want to have to keep putting back on the front tire all of the time.
all of the equipment i have found so far that will allow you to turn your bike stationary costs a lot of money and requires removing the back wheel.
if that's the case,
i may as well go buy a stationary bike, yanno?

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