Tuesday, April 1, 2008

to be more "green"

so far, i really like spokane.
everyone i have encountered has been very kind.
the city seems to be more "green" than tulsa.
they have made pathways next to the streets for bicycle riders and walkers.
the speed limits are a lot lower.
gas prices are like .30 more a gallon here.
so i guess i can understand why more people are taking the bus and other forms of transportation.
i mean, there are 70 units in my building, only 10 reserved spaces.
everyone else has to park on the street ...
along with all of the other apartment buildings in the area (there are a lot).
there is no way 70 cars are parked outside.
so that means more than half the people that live here walk or take the bus.
that's incredible.
most stores encourage you to bring your own shopping bag...
and i've noticed a lot of people bringing their own.
one local grocery store even gives you .05 back for every bag you bring in and reuse!
the apartment building even has recycling bins located by the back door for the residents to use.
i was going to get some cfl bulbs today for my studio,
but when i went to check how to remove the bulbs,
the unit already has cfl bulbs!

i just can't get over how beautiful the scenery can be.
there has been several times while driving,
i just wanted to pull over and take pictures of the mountains.
i didn't think there would be so many here in town.


i didn't get around to going to sfcc today.
i spent too much time still unpacking, buying needed items, uploading video and pictures, and backing up my hard drive on my new simple tech external hard drive.
i also had to go pay a deposit on my electric.
it was only $40.
i had set aside $100 for it since i am new to the state...
but i guess i didn't need that much.
still unloading my car.
it takes forever when you have nowhere to put the shit.
i am trying to strategize where things should go.
i bought 2 plastic totes today so it makes it easier to unload my stuff into the totes to care in and store.
plus the totes double as tables. lol

the water here is HORRIBLE.
if you think tulsa's is bad...
no friggan way.
i don't know if it's just the building or the area in general.
i had to get a pur filter for my kitchen sink so i can drink the water.

i uploaded a video of my apartment on youtube today.

threadless.com had some shirts on sale today for $5!
i was only able to get one in my size.
but it only ended up costing me $2 plus shipping because of my discounts.
i got my other shirt in the mail the day before i moved.
so that was pretty awesome.
i love threadless.com

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a teeny apartment! I like the sound of the "greenness" though. Recycling in the apartment building is definitely enviable. Wish Tulsa was greener...

The scenery photograph is beautiful. I'm glad you're enjoying your new city. :)