Sunday, April 6, 2008

meeting new people... with candles

somebody upstairs has a piano. wtf?
sadly, i think my old crackhead neighbors played better.
why me?!
i can't stand someone living above me.
i'm glad i will be on the top floor soon.
i don't know what they were doing upstairs today,
but it sounded like they were beating the shit out of their floor.

i ordered a new macbook hard drive online.
this one is bigger than the last one i fucked up.
and it was cheaper also.
so we'll see how that goes.
i just want to be able to download something or create a video without having to delete something first.

so i guess registration for school doesn't even start until mid-june.
i have to take my placement testing soon though.
so i need to start studying.
i haven't done any school related work in like 9 years?
so this will take up a lot of my time.
i don't want to rush this like i did my ged testing and not do the best i could.

i also got my final gas bill in the mail yesterday.
it was more than double the highest bill i have ever had.
i'm not sure how it could be unless someone broke into the house over the weekend and turned the oven on sky high and then took a lot of hot baths.
i'm not going to dispute it because it would be too much of a hassle.

i wonder how much a person gets back on their taxes if they are eligible to qualify eic?
i know you have to be at least 25 and make under 12,000 to qualify.
and since i don't think i will be working too much this year, i should qualify.

so there is this woman that lives in spokane valley that is inviting me to a party she is having wednesday.
it's one of those parties people have to sell stuff from their little side business.
so here i go again... starting over and meeting new people... with candles.


so i have been holding off buying things until i get settled in a bigger apartment.
i have been eating off paper plates, plastic bowls and party cups.
occasionally i wash and reuse them.
my only piece of furniture is the air mattress.
i don't even have a chair.
i don't want to buy something and then not have it look right in my new space.
so i eat my meals off of paper plates while sitting on the air mattress.
...with nothing but artificial lighting.
how depressing.

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