Monday, April 7, 2008

got a library card today

i noticed the other day that the squirrels up here are grey, not brown.

the kite runner is probably one of the only books made into a movie that i did not completely dislike.
i'm glad they kept some of my favorite quotes from the book in the movie.

i used the laundry room today in my building.
some random bum came in to use the bathroom.
i assumed he lived in the building since it's a secure building,
but i'm thinking he doesn't...
because he started taking a shower in the bathroom (yes there is a shower in the bathroom).
i was probably lucky that i didn't get assaulted.
although i did lose 70 cents in the vending machine in the laundry room.
i guess i didn't need those chili cheese fritos after all.

i bought something on craigslist today.
it's a year old 37" lcd tv.
it's nothing special... but it only cost me $300.
which is way less than what i would have paid for new.
no problems with it yet.
it's just way too big for this tiny studio apartment...

i don't know how much more of sleeping on an air mattress i can stand.
it's been one week now.
i've had to re-air it up around 4 times??
nothing better than finding out that you are essentially sleeping on the floor when you wake up in the morning/afternoon!

i'm going to have to put off going to seattle this weekend.
i need to focus more on studying for my placement testing.
plus i have not taken my car in for a tune-up yet...
and i just drove a 3-hour round trip to pick up that damn tv.

i also went and got a library card today.
yay me!
not that i needed to check out anything to read or anything..
but it's good to have.

i also updated my address with aaa and got some new maps and tourbooks for washington and for my trip to seattle.. whenever that is.

i went to a couple thrift stores... nothing impressive.

the boxes i sent to myself finally were delivered today.
so now i have more junk to find a place for.
but it'll be good to have my printer back to use.
i need to print some of those study guides for placement testing.
and i guess i didn't pack my remote with my dvd player.
so i'll have to buy a new remote. isn't that great? argh.

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