Friday, May 2, 2008

so wrong... but so hilarious

sometimes i wish i could be a better person.
it's hard for me to explain.
i care about people a lot, but sometimes i feel like maybe i don't care enough.
like, i put myself before others.
i can't allow myself to fall and fail because someone else did and i am trying to help them.
does that make any sense?
or maybe it's not a feeling of compassion,
maybe it's guilt.

i know i should not be writing about this...
but i have 2 friends that are in a seriously fucked up situation right now.
i want to help them so bad...
but how do you do that without fucking your own mind up?
i keep my distance, but i am there when called upon.
is that "good enough"?
i realize they are adults and need to figure their own shit out...
but it really sucks sitting on the sideline watching. :(

so my "orientation" for RGIS went well.
it was supposed to be a group thing, but i was the only one that showed up.
i think the other people must have gotten lost...
because it was a little difficult to find.

the human resources lady gave me an aptitude test.
i fucking kid you not, a mentally retarded person could have passed it.
all the test required was for me to COUNT items in each picture.
for instance, there was a picture of 12 cans of soup.
i counted 12 cans.
halfway through counting items on this test,
i started to wonder if the test was a joke. lol

the RGIS job sounds good. they've upgraded their inventory equipment since i last dealt with RGIS,
so it's much easier than it used to be.
the pay sounds okay. $8.50 to start, after 90 days pay raise based on performance, and then every 50 stores you work after that you get another raise/performance evaluation.
i go back in for training this tuesday before i go to CDA for partylite.
luckily RGIS is also willing to work around my schedule. :)
this almost sounds too good to be true.

i've started re-watching seasons 1-3 of it's always sunny in philadelphia.
it helps make me happy.
that show is so wrong... but so hilarious.

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