Friday, April 18, 2008

hit me up and help me out!

my dog actually seems to like the roomba (kitty) now.
i took this video of her having some fun with it.

karaoke girls gone wild:

video of my apartment:

i found my dvd player remote. yay! so i don't have to buy a new one after all.

i'm pretty much settled into the new apartment...
but i could use some decorating help.
some times my ideas aren't the best...
any takers?
hit me up and help me out!

i got a kitchen table and chairs this evening for only $10,
and they delivered them!!!!
hey, they aren't the best, but it's nothing some brown tape and a table cloth won't fix!

i really just wish the guy with the sofa would hurry up and set a time to deliver.
i guess he is waiting for a friend to use his truck...
but i want somewhere to sit!
and my apartment looks weird with no couch or chairs.

so, i have been subjected to shopping at wal-mart now.
i'm going to burn in hell.
i've shopped there twice since i moved here.
and that's 2 times too many!
but they do have some stuff that is cheaper than other places.
but remember, i hate everything wal-mart stands for!


Anonymous said...

Oh My God!!!! I cannot believe you actually did it! I wouldnt be surprised if there's a hit out on you right now! ... may God have mercy on your soul....!
p.s. best of luck if they want you to take that down!

Anonymous said...

Hey it's Kaar.....nice crib!