Tuesday, March 11, 2008

you pissed yourself laughing

i have been keeping in daily contact with the manager of the westminster apartments.
i got my application and fee sent into the mail to her.
now it is just a matter of her getting it and getting me approved before someone else gets the apartment i want.
she assured me that bad credit will not rule me out.
so that made me feel much more comfortable about my likelihood of being accepted.
i am just keeping my fingers crossed for the next few days.
she emailed me back and answered all of my questions about the apartment,
so i am hoping that means she will try to hold it for me...
she also said if i did not like the apartment when i got there,
i could still move in and be put on a wait list for another apartment i might like better.
that's pretty awesome.
*crossing fingers*

i need to find a mechanic to fix the heat/air in my car still.
i should probably start calling around.
i just don't want to end up car-less while it is being fixed.

one of my most favorite people came into work yesterday to visit with me for about an hour and a half.
he told me the most hilarious thing i had heard all day.
apparently he was shopping at garden ridge last week for some stuff to make his home look better so it will finally get sold.
across the store he spots someone that looks like me.
he thought it was me.
so he goes jogging with his cart across the store and proceeds to ram his cart into hers.
her cart hits her stomach.
he realizes it isn't me.
and the lady is just standing there mortified.
i guess he was apologizing all over himself.
he said he was so embarrassed but continued his shopping trip anyways.
and i guess he kept running into this lady throughout the store.
and she continued to look at him like he was crazy.
i told him he should have just ran up to her and rammed the cart again.
why not? she already thinks you're crazy.
i just can't stop laughing at how retarded he is.

why do most ideas sound so much better when you are drunk?
and then when you are sober,
they just aren't quite as hilarious....
and you can't remember why the hell you pissed yourself laughing about it when you were drunk.

i got my sister to come over today and take some more of my stuff.
now the house is looking even more bare.
i need to go by the goodwill and drop off some totes and clothes that i have been meaning to do forever.
i will do this tomorrow. i hope.

we went back to agave.
i'm so glad jennifer told me about that place.
after our dinner, we went down this little trail that is behind agave.
because when you are drunk, you are curious.
and it was like a walking trail and people were down there.
when we turned around to go back,
it was hard as hell with all these hills to climb.
we were so out of breath we almost had to sit down and rest.
i don't know if it was because we were drunk or from laughing so much or just because we are fat asses.
but let this be a warning to anyone else that tries to venture down the trail!

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