Sunday, March 9, 2008

too good to be true

well, the 2 bedroom apartment fell through.
it's not a pet friendly apartment building.
i knew it would be too good to be true.
i will be sending out my application for westminster monday morning before work.
and look around some more for other apartment buildings.
i have emailed about 3 or 4 that never even replied back.
go figure.

incase for some odd reason,
you haven't seen my new "roll out" video...
it's the first video i have ever edited.
i'm excited about it... even though it sucks ass.
i wish retards would say stupid shit while i am filming them.

but at least i am inspired to do more and improve.
i like thinking about all of the good ideas i can come up with for another short video.

here is another video clip i made with no actually video at all...

i'm wondering if it is possible or even allowed to place a video in an ebay auction?
i believe they do allow html in their listings...
that would actually make it easier to list fairly good sized lots of books.
instead of taking a bunch of pictures.
i should probably look into this.
i only have 20 days left until the move.

i started reading "a new earth" by eckhart tolle.
i am just a little bit into chapter 3.
i was feeling kind of iffy about the book up until a few pages into chapter 2.
it really takes the saying "stop to smell the roses" to a whole new level.
i find myself asking all kind of questions.
there are a few good quotes in the book that make sense.
but i think it is going to help a lot to be apart of the web event discussion.
that way maybe it will help me understand some things that i missed or went over my head.
i almost don't want to proceed any further into the book, until i go back and re-read the first 2 chapters and try to fully understand them.
i need to get a highlighter.

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