Friday, March 7, 2008

never eat at an olive garden

turns out i would not be subleasing from the 2 bedroom apartment.
it would be a new lease and the whole new process of becoming approved.
and there are new costs and deposits are different than what he originally listed.
i figured it would be more since he had lived there for so long.
i will still call his apartment's office and find out more about it.
even $445 for a 2 bedroom is pretty good.


i will also be sending westminster my application and application fee in the mail this weekend.
the manager did not answer all of my questions however.
so i will need to get back ahold of her.

i got a call back from an albertsons in spokane today.
but it was the service deli manager.
ummm... i thought i had made it clear that i was NOT interested in working in the deli?

i got my new cellphone battery in the mail today.
and now my new phone for spokane works!

i also got a flip video camcorder today.
i was originally going to get a samsung at circuit city,
but they were not interested in assisting me....
so i went to best buy and got help and got what i really wanted anyways.
the flip video camera is pretty nice.
its fool proof.
i don't know yet if i really like the software on it though.
when i download the video to my mac,
it plays with no sound.
but if i upload the video straight from the camera to , it plays fine.
but it takes forever!
but now i can take some easy and quick videos of my friends, family and people at work that i might miss.

i got the eckhart tolle book finally!
barnes and noble finally got it back in stock.
so hopefully i will be able to set aside more time to read this book.
i really liked the first web event for the book...
so i hope this book will be helpful. :)

olive garden in utica square sucks.
i was not impressed at all.
i will probably never eat at an olive garden again.
lesson learned.

i like how my parents are moving to glenpool and were not even going to tell me.
that right there makes me want to not even tell them when i leave.
but i am sure my sister told them,
just like she told me about them moving.

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