Thursday, March 6, 2008

perfect strangers

i am getting more excited now about moving.
i think i might have found a place to live when i move.
i am waiting until this weekend to see pictures of the apartment.
i will (hopefully) be taking over the lease on a 2 bedroom apartment in browne's addition.
the guy is moving to seattle at the end of this month and needs someone to take over beginning in april.
and the rent is incredibly cheap for a 2 bedroom and for the area.
i'm trying to figure out what the catch is.

there are also new openings at westminster for studios.
i had emailed westminster's manager back in mid february about openings.
i saw she posted a new listing on craigslist,
and turns out she has 2 new openings (maybe more).
so she gave me a link to download the application form to send in to her.
so if the guy with the 2 bedroom apartment doesn't email back this weekend with pictures,
i will send in this application for westminster on monday.

i have also emailed a few other apartment complexes and people interested in subletting.
i hope something good turns up soon.

i've called around again to several albertsons in spokane.
i am starting to feel like i am getting the run around.
i finally spoke with an assistant store director at one of the stores for 7 minutes (longest anyone took the time to speak with me) who gave me the email address to his boss and that she would be more helpful than calling around to all of the stores.
so i emailed her with my story...
she emailed back a few hours later.
i will lose my tenure with the company though.
she gave me the phone number for a lady who is in charge of "front end service departments in inland empire". whatever the fuck that means.
i am supposed to call this lady when it gets closer to time for me to move.
i guess i will just have to settle for realizing i will not have a job right away when i get there.

my home is looking more and more bare now.
it's feeling less and less comfortable living here.
it just doesn't feel like a home anymore.
a lot of the walls are bare and i have been taking down curtains already also.
i have been trying to keep things really clean also..
i'm expecting a surprise visit from my landlord any day now.

i have been meaning to post book lots for sale on ebay....
but i just have not gotten around to it.
i have any entire bookcase and 2 totes full that i still need to get rid of,
and i don't want to just give them away to goodwill.
and they are not selling or swapping entirely fast enough through and

sadly, the perfect strangers of the biggest loser are no more.
they were my favorites.
i will miss these little videos by them....

i transfered some money from my ing account to my bank here in tulsa.
i plan to buy a digital camcorder either tomorrow or over the weekend.
i look forward to being able to take videos of my friends and my trip.
i want to document this part of my life the best way i know how.

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