Sunday, March 2, 2008


so there is this mexican place called agave.
they serve excellent food and 2.99 margaritas.
needless to say, i've been there twice in the last 3 days.
first, jennifer took me there.
i got so drunk i was seeing colors.
but i think it was actually from the flash on jen's camera.
because she had just taken some pictures and then i started seeing little orange spots everywhere.
then i took my sister there last night.
i ordered the same meal as before and same drinks.
2 drinks was enough to get me drunk.
i love this place.
i wish i had found out about it sooner.

i have been trying to buy oprah's new book club book.
but "a new earth" is sold out everywhere!
so i guess i will have to wait to buy it.
even though the online class for the book start tomorrow.

i bought a gps unit today.
i couldn't wait anymore.
i made a video review on it .

i think on my road trip to spokane,
i want to make a few stops along the way,
and do some geocaching.

my car's check engine light came back on again today after having it off for a week and a half.
this angers me.
because i know the light is not on for any serious reason.
but the check engine light can prevent me from passing the emissions test in washington when i go to get new tags.
maybe i can get another auto place to reset the light for me again before my trip.
if not, i'll get it done in spokane i guess.
i still need to have my a/c and heat fixed though before i move.

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