Sunday, March 23, 2008

mini pitcher

so i accidently completely deleted the video i was working on of my co-workers.
i still have all of the video clips i used for the video,
but i just have to put it back together again and fine tune everything again.
which will take me a good long time.
damn fucking cough medicine.
hopefully i will work on that a bit today.

im wondering exactly how much more snot is stored in my damn face?
every time i blow my nose, i tell myself that that's the last of it.

jenny and i went out to see debbie's husband's band.
they were really good.
we mostly spent the night talking shit about people...
here is a video:

adrian agreed to star in a couple of videos.
this one was easy to edit....
his improv is excellent.
i think he practices this shit at home in front of a mirror.

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