Thursday, March 20, 2008

i was denied because of her ass

it’s the first day of spring....
and it seems like i am getting sicker with each day that passes.
i wish i felt like doing something...

i’m thinking about not getting the heat/ac fixed on my car.
the weather will be above freezing in spokane when i arrive.
so i dunno.
i just feel like i need as much money as possible now for hotel rooms while waiting for my apartment to become available.
i don’t know.
i’m not really thinking straight right now anyways.
but i am so used to working in the cold all day during winter,
that i could easily tolerate driving most of the day in the cold.

plus goddamned bedford apartments in marion, indiana is counting against me.
i never lived there!
westminster is going to approve me anyways,
just with a higher deposit.
i fucking hate my sister right now.
she knows she used my ss number...
she’s just lying to me about it because she fucked up.
so i called my sister and told her i was denied because of her ass.
maybe she will come clean now??

i can’t get online at home anymore.
the person who i have been mooching wifi from,
apparently turned off their internet connection.
i don’t blame them...
but now i have to wait to get online at work and whenever i drag the laptop to mcdonald’s parking lot.

i need to list more stuff on craigslist.
i still have far too many belongings in my home...
with only about 8 days left before i hit the road.
i just wish i felt like listing them and then dealing with people.

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