Wednesday, March 26, 2008

feel the crunch

yesterday was my last day at work.
i didn’t think it was gonna be so hard to leave.
i hate saying goodbye to people that i’ve known for awhile.
it was also hard not getting goodbyes from some other people.
and some people just really shocked me at how much they care about me.
sometimes you never realize it until something like this happens.

i am pretty much finished with the video i made for work.
i just need to add the end credits with everyone’s names.
i’m not thrilled with it like i was when i started it,
but it will be good to have when i get home sick.

here is the other video adrian did...
the end has out takes...
i prefer the other one we made though.

i’m starting to feel the crunch.
i still have a lot of stuff to get rid of.
i posted 5 or 6 major items on craigslist last night before bed.
i hope to have a lot of interest in these items today.
and then i will post more items today.
hopefully, by thursday, i will have only my tv and bed to get rid of.
but i’m guessing i will have more than that left.
jenny came by last night and got a bunch more stuff,
and promised to pick up my loveseat and treadmill on thursday.

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