Tuesday, March 18, 2008

fucked up on cough medicine

so i got a call from the service that does the application credit checks for westminster apartments this morning.
apparently some how my name comes up as having lived in bedford apartments in marion, indiana.
my sister lived here, not me.
then i was also told of some things that chris told me he took care of, but obviously did not.
so i'm feeling not so great about this application.
i have emailed a few other places also about residency also just in case.
but the apartment manager assured me that i should be fine on everything after i emailed her again today.
however, she said the apartment was taken.
SO i will probably have to wait.
i am hoping maybe a unit will be emptied out SOON and i can move in mid april?
it's good to know anyways that i will need to have a hotel arranged after all.
she said 2 more units would be available soon.
we'll see.

still sick.
still have sore throat and cough.
not getting fucked up on cough medicine anymore.

i made a new video that i can share....
although michael might not appreciate it.

i still need about 2 more minutes worth of film for my "out of service" video from work.
and i have not figured out how to blur everyone's company logos still.
so it will not be uploaded online. :(

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