Monday, March 17, 2008

a bunch of retarded people

i got an email back from the person that posted about the sofa on spokane's craigslist.
they are willing to save the sofa set for me until i get to spokane!!!!!
can you tell i am excited?


i finally got around to taking more stuff to goodwill.
and i also posted several ads on craigslist to sell some stuff.
i've sold everything so far.
it's weird exchanging your belonging with strangers for money in your home.
this is looking very hopeful though.
i've made $45 so far on just random stuff.

i also got one of my tax return checks in the mail.
i almost expected not to get them.
now i can't wait to get the other one because it's even more money.

i called to have all my utilities shut off after i am gone.
there's no turning back now.

the apartment manager for westminster emailed friday to say they did get my application and are processing it.
she did not mention whether or not the apartment is still available.

if i get approved for westminster,
i should have an address when i arrive in spokane...
so i could send my books in the mail to my new residence.
and just await their arrival in the mail via media mail.
this would free up tons of space in the car.
because i'm pretty sure the clothes and books are going to kill me.

speaking of clothes, i was naughty.
i bought 6 new articles of clothing.
so i have to get rid of at least 6 more pieces of clothes.
but the clothes i bought, i will most likely need for work...
so that makes it okay, right?

i'm starting a new video project.
a guy from work inspired me.
i was wanting to take video of people at work anyways before i moved...
so if i get home sick,
i can watch it.
but i prefer to remember my coworkers in a special way.
as a bunch of retarded people.
so i have managed to get 11 people to let me film them.
i am holding off on making a video until i can get more people at work to participate.
so this will be about a week in the making.
unfortunately, i have chosen not to upload it online.
i fear that someone will find the video inappropriate
and call up one of the companies that one of my vendors works for
(pepsi, kraft, sara lee, etc)
and try to get them into trouble for acting retarded on video while in their uniforms.
i might try to blur out their company name or something.
i dunno.

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