Friday, March 28, 2008


the apartment manager at westminster got my hold check and
said there was some good news.
the studio i will be moving into at first will be available when i arrive in spokane.
so i won't have to stay in a hotel after all.
i felt so much better about it,
now i can also mail some of my belongings to myself,
just in case it all won't fit into my car.

if anyone wants to send me letters or anything in the mail,
my new address is:
2301 W Pacific #108 Spokane WA 99204

so i've sold a lot of stuff on craigslist.
and when some of the people come out to my house,
they get attacked by my crackhead neighbors.
let's just say i spent the last couple of days in embarrassment.
one person offered to help me move because they felt bad for me living next to crackheads.
and one person even called the friggan police to come out and check on me!
they told the police that they thought i was being held hostage!!!
i was like ARE YOU SERIOUS?!
strangers from craigslist care about my well being??!?!?
the police had to come in my home and make sure there was no one else there and check my i.d.

i got a lady on craigslist to take almost all of the stuff that i have left.
so that's pretty awesome.
all i have left to get rid of in my reel lawn mower, my ugly floral print chair, and the misc stuff that is going to goodwill.

i have another busy day planned for myself today.
i'm not sure how i am going to fit seeing brook into my schedule today.
but i have to work something out.

i wanted to see yellow stone park on my way to spokane,
but turns out the park isn't open until mid april! :(
does anyone have any info on estes park in colorado?
i also plan on going there, but haven't had the time to view their website entirely.

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Hollie (rain19) said...

Estes Park is gorgeous. You can see the Shining hotel. woo! heh

I live in Denver you knoooow. ;)