Saturday, December 29, 2007

i refuse to let idiots get me down...

i have to work new years day this year.
in the previous years i did not have to.
but new company, new rules.
so there will be no drinking or staying up late on nye.
no flaming lips in okc on nye either.

i have to start going to a laundry mat now to do laundry.
i don't want to go anywhere near my family's house anymore.
i don't want to be known as a user either.
so i haven't been to a laundry mat in several years.
anyone in tulsa know of any "good" ones??
like the ones where a bunch of trashy people DON'T hangout at?

my brother sent me a hateful email out of the blue last night.
i read it right before work this morning.
thats how you start your day out right...
reading crappy emails from your "loved ones".
i don't understand why he is acting like an asshole to me.
i never did him wrong.
i took him in for a week and a half for the ice storm with minimal complaining about him breaking a lot of my shit.
he probably got the best xmas present anyone received from me.
and i've always made an effort to hangout with him.
but whatever.
i refuse to let idiots get me down...
even if they are my family.

so anyways,
the internet goes off monday afternoon.
hopefully it will help me with my goal to stop wasting time online.
i don't really need to be online much anymore anyhow.

and if all goes as planned,
i will be getting my hair cut on friday.
i'm sick on my hair growing out.
it looks like complete shit.
and i have so many styling products going to waste because i can't really use them.

i opened another savings account with ing,
to keep my finances apart.
i already have all my money saved for the move.
so now i have to save for the stuff i need to do before moving...
like paying taxes, getting aaa membership, car tune-up, etc.
this way i will know i don't have to wonder/worry about the move money.

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