Saturday, December 22, 2007

dance around like a retarded mick jagger

this entry started off with a nice, long complaint about work.
but i realized it doesn't help to bitch about it.
no one really cares, but me.
knowing that i will be moving in 3 or 4 months is the only thing keeping me from quitting at this very moment.
that is all.

i have not had time to change out the macbook hard drive or take it in to the apple store due to work.
it'll probably have to wait until after xmas now before going for repair.
not such a big deal since i have my imac....
i guess i prefer my imac's larger screen anyhow.

went out to dinner with mom and george thursday night.
it wasn't so great...
but it was good i guess that they paid for my meal.
it was just good to spend time with them.

eboost does not mix well with alcoholic beverages.
this fact did not deter me from drinking 3 drinks this way though.
it made my gin & tonic taste better.

i have been making assorted chocolate brittle like crazy.
i've made two large batches already.
with the first batch i gave some to 6 people at work and 1 for my mom.
the second batch mostly went to jennifer and her family (tiny pieces for the boys).
i have 1 more batch i want to make for my family and a couple more people at work.
i like making these chocolates because i can get creative with them...
and they are cheap to make when gifting them to several people.
cost per gift/serving = somewhere between .65 cents - 3.00 depending on size.

i realized today as i was gathering up xmas gifts for everyone,
that i will be one of those lonely old aunts that spends a shitload of money on everyone at xmas time.
because that's all i will have to live for each year.
anyone have a relative like that?
i don't... but i know of people that do.

this is the kind of christmas i want to have:


what would make me even more happy is if adrian learned the dance to the rolling stones 'start me up' video like he did for 'miss you':

actually, being able to dance around like a retarded mick jagger to any of these videos would please me really.

ever think that david lee roth wanted to make pornos...
but just kind of fell into van halen instead?

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