Thursday, December 20, 2007

the ice storm shuffle

i guess i mishandled my macbook one too many times during the ice storm shuffle,
and now it won't boot up.
so i will change out the hard drives either tonight or tomorrow and see if that fixes it.
if not, off to apple store it goes.
i'm hoping that it isn't the hard drive though.
because i will have lost everything on it and be out the money since i installed that myself.
if it's something else, apple will take care of it.
glad i didn't sell my imac or disc my internet yet.
i'm also glad that i have apple care.
i will be buying the 3 year plan within the next 6-7 months...
just in case.

i want to know why we have such idiots as managers at work?
i had 2 managers from work call me today at home about something one of the other girls could have clearly done.
so why could they not have asked them?
i'm tired of answering to a dozen different bosses and co-workers that don't hold up their end of the workload.
i am seriously considering calling or emailing our human resources director and telling him what i think of my idiot bosses.
a lot of other people are emailing about how shitty our store director is...
maybe i should also?

so anyways, i found a good idea for holiday snacks.
peppermint brittle looked good and fairly inexpensive to make.
i just made some...
and it's off the hook!
so if you see me in the next few days,
be prepared to get some of this yummy shit...
if you're lucky. :P

i think the coo-coo clock crackhead neighbor wants to be the next american idol.
he sings really loud... and horribly.
i yelled through the walls for him to "shut the fuck up"...
but he didn't. :(

so my parent's neighborhood finally got electric back on yesterday afternoon.
so i took my brother back home and my parents will be home today.
i also had to take lucy back to mom's house today.
it'll be sad to see her go,
because i have grown so attached to her over the last couple of weeks.
but as soon as my parents hit the road again,
i'll have to take care of her again.

it's only 5 days until christmas.
i lost that holiday thrill years ago...
and i especially don't have it since i work retail.
i just look forward to giving my gifts to my friends and family.
hoping that they take my gifts to heart.
and i also look forward to receiving gifts from my parents.
because my mom is going all out this year with the presents i guess.
so hopefully i got a gas card with a lot of $$$ on it.

i rented the future we will create from netflix sometime during the ice storm.
didn't get a chance to watch it until the electricity was restored.
and even then,
i didn't get to REALLY watch it.
so i watched it again today.
it's about the TED conventions.
it's interesting to see what new technology there is
and what new ideas there are for sustainability.

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