Wednesday, December 17, 2008

baby food jar chandelier

today, it has snowed more than i have seen since i lived in indianapolis.
i am used to snow.... but it's been a loooong time since i've seen so much!
brandy, on the other hand, is not used to snow.
at least, not snow that is so high that she can not stand in it and be able to see.
so..... she has not went potty outside today. :(
but we had fun running in the snow today before the sun went down.
i took off her leash for once and just let her run around behind me (as i cleared a path for her).
i hope that whatever snowfall we get for the rest of winter does not accumulate to more than this.

sometime in january, after all this holiday crap has worn off and life is back to feeling normal and boring again, i want to attempt to make this baby food jar chandelier.
i seriously think it would be awesome to hang from my living room ceiling above my coffee table.
downfall is that i will have to probably eat 12 jars of baby food.
i am hoping maybe steve's mom knows someone with a baby that has some old (matching) jars to get rid of.

i bought a bag of cranberries to make food with, instead i ended up decorating with them:


i joined freecycle over the weekend.
i had joined when i lived in indianapolis and tulsa before but never gave or got anything.
i was more annoyed by the emails than anything else.
but i am giving it a third go.
i am finding myself more needy of free stuff now than ever.
and craigslist is mostly a joke.
"free pile of dirt"...... riiiiiiiight.

i was flipping through a 3 year old edition of real simple magazine.
there was a really nifty button bracelet in it that i wanted to make.
yeah, needless to say, mine turned out bad.
it was a waste of time and effort sewing buttons onto a piece of old sweater.
maybe it will look better with more buttons on it.
but i am doubting it.

turns out target has the same hamilton beach stand mixer that i got on black friday, for only $19.99 this week.
yeah, i'm not going to lie, i was pissed that i found out i waited in line FOREVER that morning just to pay more for it.
but... it was still a great buy. and hopefully my co-worker Lil will get one this week!
i keep telling her how much i love mine...
and i know it will come in handy for her baking lots of goodies for the holidays.

it's my second round of bread baking!
and i am happy to report that it turned out even better this time. :)
i let the bread rise for a little bit longer before putting it in the oven.
next time, i will try making it with honey instead of sugar and olive oil instead of butter.
i've been told the bread turns out even better this way.
sorry for the crappy picture!


and, as requested, here is a picture of the bourbon bottle snowflake wrapping paper:



ZombieKitteh said...

I wish it would snow here. =[ We had a slight dusting about a month ago. >_< And I notice alot of people on my local craigslist who list things like "Free Dirt! You haul it." Or "ROCKS. Bring Truck"

Liz said...

I know how you feel about the mixer price changing. Brad bought Kota the Dinosaur for Connor on Cyber Monday for $225, which is a good deal since it came out at $300. Then about 3 days ago we were at Walmart and Kota was $99.

We ended up getting the difference back.

You should put an add for baby jars on Craigslist 'wanted' section.

na0 said...

zombiekitteh - the snow is pretty, but not when you need to go to work to pay the bills... and now you can't because of the snow. :(

liz - sometimes i need a little pat on the head to remind me that i'm special. thanks for the baby food jar/craigslist idea. i should have thought of that, but like i said, i'm special.