Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the price you pay for a beautiful october autumn

obviously, i have not written in my blog for quite awhile.
i feel like i have had a lot to say, but no energy to actually spend time typing it up (hence one reason i signed-up to get a monthly supply of eboost).

it's been a year full of firsts for me... and our nation.
since i can not share all of my "firsts" with you... i will talk about the election.
i was not able to vote because i would have had to re-register and i would have to be a washington citizen for a number of month more than what i have been.
on the night of the election, i went out and bought a coax cable so that i could get the basic tv channels.
and of course i sat on my couch in front of the tv for hours watching and hoping.
and like so many others, i did cry a bit when obama was announced our new president.
having obama as our next president has also made work some what better since i work with mostly democrats... i don't have to hear a bunch of political crap anymore.

so i had a goal for the month of october to watch 31 horror films.
unfortunately, i fell short of this goal by 3 movies.
ideally, i wanted to watch movies i had not already seen before... or had not see since childhood (such as the parents and alice sweet alice).
i did find some gems during my conquest.
i have a few new favorites such as the quirky scary movies (the signal, otis, and botched). i also have some foreign favorites (oldboy, audition, and the orphanage).
just about everything else was really not worth watching. i did watch cannibal holocaust twice.
and it was not as gross the second time around.

gwar is going to be playing downtown this friday.
they are one of the bands i have always wanted to see live... but never liked their music.
tim and his wife are going to go.
but as usual, it really is not a good time financially for me to go. :(
so i guess i will have to just have tim tell me all the crazy crap that happened.

steve and i have had our list of ups and downs in the past 6 months of our relationship, but i think something that has happened recently between us has made me feel closer to him than ever.
i can't wait until we can move in together in march and spend all of our time together.
but i think it would be even better if he got me another chihuahua first to torture him with.
one puppy constantly licking his face is just not enough.

the weather lately has been really crappy.
probably the worst i have experienced since i moved here.
it's been rainy and cold the past couple of weeks.
and it gets pitch black by 4 or 5pm.
it's been kind of depressing, but more so is helping drain my already low energy level.
i guess it's the price you pay for a beautiful october autumn.

i keep telling myself that i need to get out and make some new friends.
but like i said, lately i have no energy to do anything.
hopefully that will change soon.
and hopefully my workload will lighten a bit as well in the next month or so.
i have been working full-time since mid-september.
i like the paychecks (even though they go right back to them since i shop too much at macy's)...
but i am dead tired when i get home.
i'll just be glad when the holidays are over with.

do they still make chocolate cool whip?
anyone know???
steve and i wanted to buy some last weekend, but were sorely disappointed to not find it at our local grocery store!

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