Wednesday, May 7, 2008

you get pimps stopping in front of your house

it's nice to be able to open the windows in my apartment.
most people would over-look such a great advantage.
i've mentioned this to a couple people,
the house i lived in the last 2 years had all of the windows nailed shut.
due to the high crime rate.
so if i wanted to air out the house, i would have to open the doors.
...and when you open the doors, you get pimps stopping in front of your house looking in for new clients.
or crackheads that think since your front door is open,
you want to be their friend.
so yay for windows that open!!!!!

new job is okay.
did not get much training, so i bothered everyone all day with questions.
i am pretty sure they hated me after awhile.
first day was only 4.5 hours instead of like 7.
so that kind of sucks ass.
but everyone i worked with seemed nice enough.

mom has not emailed me in 4 or 5 days.
so i am wondering if my email to her was harsh or something?
i thought it was polite.
but apparently what i think and what it actually is, are 2 different things.

i think sometime really soon i want to have a get together at my apartment.
all guests will be forced to play uno with me!
that sounds totally awesome to me... any takers for this weekend???

alright, nap time.

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